Access your mails via IMAP while Gmail is down

Are you banging your head on the keyboard because Gmail is not accessible? Your mail are not available to you? Actually they are. I was able to access my emails during the Gmail down time, when everyone was complaining I was able to access my emails over IMAP. The only difference was that I wasn’t accessing them via Gmail web interface but but by using the third party email client. All you need to do is install a third party client on your computer and enable IMAP in your Gmail settings.

If you are using windows the chances are you already have Outlook installed. Check instructions on how to configure your Outlook,Apple or any other mail client to access your gmail. The Google has yet to release why the user has to face this downtime.

I hope no one out there had any business losses due to this downtime, and if you did I feel really sorry for you. Configure your mail clients now and enable IMAP in your Gmail settings, so in case if  again situation like this happens you can easily get to your mail by firing up your email client. The only exception will then be Google IMAP servers going down too in that case all you can do is take a day off, go read a book, or something else which ever looks appropriate at that time. Were you effected by the Gmail downtime? What did you do during the Gmail downtime?

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