re:Post – Question and Answer platform for AWS Community

Update 2nd December, 2021: The community guidelines have been updated.

If you are on internet and belong to tech industry then you know stack-overflow and other similar forums and platforms where questions are posted and answered with-in minutes by the expert in the field.

AWS has launched a similar platform called re:Post which is going to replace previous AWS forums. re:Post is available for all AWS users including free tier users, its a crowdsourced platform where user can ask their questions and they will be answered by AWS experts, community members, partners and other customers as well.

re:Post has a voting system which allows re:Post users to vote questions and answers based on the quality and detail provided by the user. This is crowdsourced moderation and allows great answers to rank at the top which will help any future users to know which answer is more appropriate.

re:Post has its own community guidelines so make sure to read them, before using the platform.

Frequently asked questions are also very important and should be read before using the platform specially the questions explaining what are different components of the platform e.g topic, tag and community groups.

In my view its a great platform for AWS community and will be really helpful for any new AWS users to get their issues resolved by other AWS users.