Add your blog to your Facebook Fan Page

Have you ever wondered how Mashable and other high volume blogs keep up with their fan pages? How they can post every blog post on their Fan Page as soon as it is published? If you have Facebook Fan Page for your blog but you publish your blog posts manually on your Fan Page then this post is for you.

If you haven’t yet created your Facebook Fan Page, kindly create one and then continue reading.

To add your blog to your Facebook Fan page, follow the steps below:

1. Goto your page.

2. If the notes tab is not displayed, goto Notes tab by clicking on the “+” sign.

Facebook Fan Page Notes tab

3. Click on ‘Write a New Note’

Fan Page write new note

5. When you are on Notes writing page, click on the notes settings icon.

Notes setting on Fan Page

6. Click on the “Import a blog” on Notes settings page.

Import a blog to notes

7. Paste your blog URL in RSS/Feed box

RSS Feed box on Notes settings page

8. Click on “Start Importing”

Start importing

Thats it. You are done. Now whenever you publish a new blog post on your blog, it will be published to your Facebook Fan Page. Go and start blogging and your Facebook Fans will get updated.

Facebook’s feature: Reply to comments via email.

We all love new features, specially the features that makes using the service more easier. Facebook has always care about their users and it is that care that they have deployed a new feature few days ago. You can now reply to comments via email. Suppose you are on the road and away from computer and you got an email notifying that someone has made a comment. It doesn’t matter if they have commented on status update, on a link or a photo or video you uploaded. You can reply to every type of comments via email. Lets see how its done.

I wrote “Happy Birthday!!” on one of my friends wall.

Birthday Wish

He commented on the wall post thanking me and I got the email notifying that my friend has commented on the wall post.

Facebook's Notification Email

Now you don’t have to do much, just hit the reply button of your email client and compose your reply.

Reply to Facebook's notification email

Hit send and you are done.

Reply to comment via email.

This is a really great feature from Facebook. It will make replying to comments a lot easier. What you think about this new feature? Will it make replying to comments easier for you?

A mistake that no blogger should ever do

Its been almost a month since I last posted on my blog. First of all I should sorry all of you out there for not being able to updated the blog specially I want to sorry to those who were expecting me to post more posts specially about wordpress. I had been quite busy with some stuff and hence couldn’t update the blog, and I am really sorry for that. I hope I will be able to keep with the pace of changing technology and post useful stuff as soon as I have any.

If you ask any blogger they will say a blog should be updated once a week except if you are posting about something that does not gets updated that frequently. But my blog was about Programming, WordPress, blogging, Twitter and Facebook which is for sure has changed a lot since I last posted. I have missed a lot of things and wasn’t able to keep myself updated with the latest stuff happening special in the social media scene.

Today when I logged on to Facebook I found out that highlights are gone, now they show up in the news feed. Facebook now have a news feed as well as Live feed, I am still not able to figure out difference between the two. But my understanding is the Live Feed thing shows that FriendFeed team is doing their work and Live feed should have real time feed coming. This is surely some great stuff coming out of Facebook and I will write more about new features and updates from Facebook very soon. I am thinking of writing posts on how to use these new features to enhance your Facebooking and use it effectively. Oh by they way, I also like that new ability of Draging and Dropping of news filters.

Twitter seems to have new features too, specially the list feature which is as per my knowledge currently only available to 5% of users. But the list feature will be available to all users from sometime next month. I hope they provide a sensible way of managing and using lists through their web interface. Also I notice Twitter is going pretty hard on spammers because they get them suspended very soon after they register. I got follow notifications from few spammers and as I manually check everyone who follows me and then follow them back if they are human and share useful stuff not just what they had in lunch. Sharing what one had in lunch is also interesting but only if that person shares other useful stuff too.

Stay tuned for more posts coming this week. I will try to do a post daily but only if I will have some useful stuff to write about.

P.S WordPress has been updated too, it is now 2.8.5. I don’t know when the update was released but I just saw the notification at the top, so gotta update too.

You know you are addicted to Facebook when…

So you think you are not addicted to Facebook? And you use it like just another tool and for fun. You are wrong. Facebook has become part of our life and our day just does not completes if we don’t see our friends updates on Facebook. Read the following and your thoughts will be changed. So, here goes my list of you know you are addicted to Facebook when:

  1. You update your status on Facebook and your brother sitting in next room comments on it.
  2. Your friends in party take their pics, upload them to Facebook and then call you to ask if you have looked at pics.
  3. You look for “Like” button in the newspaper.
  4. You wake up in morning and the first thing you do is goto Facebook to see updates from friends.
  5. You post your wedding event to Facebook and ask friends to RSVP.
  6. You see something amazing and you take a pic to share it with your friends on facebook.
  7. You just want to comments on every status update of your friends.
  8. Facebook is the first web page you open after launching a browser.
  9. You hit a Refresh on Facebook Page hoping that there will be some more updates.
  10. You check your emails to see if there are any notifications from Facebook.
  11. If you still think you are not addicted to Facebook, then you already are but you don’t realize it because it is now part of you and your life.

I might have missed something that shows addictness to Facebook, feel free to add them in the comments and soon I will post symptoms of addictness to Twitter 🙂

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