Facebook’s feature: Reply to comments via email.

We all love new features, specially the features that makes using the service more easier. Facebook has always care about their users and it is that care that they have deployed a new feature few days ago. You can now reply to comments via email. Suppose you are on the road and away from computer and you got an email notifying that someone has made a comment. It doesn’t matter if they have commented on status update, on a link or a photo or video you uploaded. You can reply to every type of comments via email. Lets see how its done.

I wrote “Happy Birthday!!” on one of my friends wall.

Birthday Wish

He commented on the wall post thanking me and I got the email notifying that my friend has commented on the wall post.

Facebook's Notification Email

Now you don’t have to do much, just hit the reply button of your email client and compose your reply.

Reply to Facebook's notification email

Hit send and you are done.

Reply to comment via email.

This is a really great feature from Facebook. It will make replying to comments a lot easier. What you think about this new feature? Will it make replying to comments easier for you?

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2 thoughts on “Facebook’s feature: Reply to comments via email.”

  1. I think you will start to see more functionality like this on all of the social networking sites so that people can reply even if the site is blocked at work.


    Hameedullah Khan Reply:

    Yes, you are right. This one really comes in handy for people who have Facebook blocked at work. Wondering if anyone have got Google Buzz blocked at work, because it is right in the Gmail. 🙂


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