How to add Google Friend Connect Member Gadget to your site in 10 steps

Do you have a wordpress blog? Have you ever tried to add Google Friend Connect? If you have already add the Google Friend Connect to your wordpress blog kindly read on and let me know if I did it the right way? If you haven’t yet added then you must read on and add the Google Friend Connect Members Widget to your wordpress blog. Now, you must be thinking what is Google Friend Connect and why do you need Google Friend Connect for your blog?

The social activity on web is increasing every day, now all websites have been converted to social networks where people interace and share what they are doing? Whether it is bookmarking like on or whether it is sharing items on your Google Reader or uploading videos to youtube, everything has got those social functions which you can use to interact and connect with your friends or other people on those sites. Why not you connect your blog readers? Or why not allow your blog readers to tell their friends what they are reading on?  What blogs they are subscribe too? Why not show to the world what people have subscribed to your blog? This is where Google Friend Connect comes in. The readers on your blog can connect with each other, they can review your blog, they can share cool posts on your blog and they can flow your blog this is unlike traditional RSS where you don’t know who is the Subscriber. With Google Friend Connect you see the pictures and profile information of your subscribers. I think this is enough introduction of Google Friend Connect, lets just see how can you  add Google Friend Connect to the wordpress blog.

1. Goto Google Friend Connect and hit the “Get Started” button.

Google Friend Connect Welcome Page

2. Click the “Setup New Site” to add your site in Google Friend Connect.

Google Friend Connect - Setup New Site

3. Click Continue on the Overview Page to actually start adding your site details.

Google Friend Connect - Continue

4. Enter your Site Name and Home URL (the site url) and click Continue.

GoogleFriendConnect - Site Name and URL

5. Download “rpc_relay.html” & “canvas.html” and upload both files to the root of your web site.

GoogleFriendConnect - Connectors for your site

6. Click “Test to Finalize Setup” to setup the site in Google Friend Connect.

GoogleFriendConnect - Test and Finalize

7. Click the “Get Code for Members Gadget”.

GoogleFriendConnect - Get Member Gadget Code

8. Configure your Gadget as per your site’s look & feel or just hit the Generate Code to get the gadget with default colors.

GoogleFriendConnect - Generate Code

9. Goto your WordPress blog admin interface and then to the widgets under Appearance. Add a new text widget and paste the generated code from step 8 as the content of the new Text widget.

10. Click Save and you are done.

Below is the screen shot of Google Friend Connect Sidebar Member Gadget from FreelanceStartup as I took the Screen shot as soon as I added the gadget so you can see I am the only member. If this post help you or you find it useful, please don’t hesitate in joining the FreelanceStartup Site as I share the things that I find useful in my Freelancing Journey.


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