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How to delete old wordpress revisions

Have you been keeping post revisions for all your posts. You might have been storing post revisions for posts that you don’t touch anymore. There is no point storing post revisions if you are not making any changes to the post. Post revisions serve as a backup if you mistakenly change something in your post and then you have to revert back. But its very rare that you have something on posts older then 2-3 months. Also in my last post I showed how you can completely disable revisions, so if you had it enabled you might still have those old post revisions in your database.

Why should you delete post revisions?

  • Clean up your database.
  • So you don’t accidentally revert back to an old revision.
  • Free up some space.
  • To decrease the database overhead.

Delete revisions older then x days.

You have revisions enabled and just want to delete revisions on public posts older then x days, you should use revision delete! plugin. Revision delete! automatically deletes revisions on posts older then x days. Install the plugin and then configure it under Tools.

Delete redundant revisions.

Delete Revision is the revision manager that allows you to delete redundant revisions in bulks and hence reduces the load on database and makes your wordpress blog faster.

Delete all of them.

You have already disabled the revisions, now you just want to get rid of those old revision lurking in the database. So you can increase the performance of your blog. Access your data using your favorite client, and then select your blog database. After selecting the blog database run the following query and you are done.

DELETE FROM wp_posts WHERE post_type = "revision";


I am wondering how many other wordpress bloggers out there use revisions? So, have you used revisions? How do you manage? Have you disabled them altogether? Do you use a plugin to manage revisions? Have you ever reverted or had a need to revert to old post revision?

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2 thoughts on “How to delete old wordpress revisions”

  1. I find that the post revisions are more of annoyance than anything else, they just bloat the wordpress database and slow it down. I wish there was a way of turning them off.


  2. Post revisions have made my database enormous and crashed my email account – thanks for this post… trying to figure out a way to delete all but the last revision for each post – do you have any suggestions as to how I might do that?

    Thanks, Pratish


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