Cydia running on Jailbreak iPad

Jailbreak iPad running iPhone OS 3.2 using Spirit

So you own an iPad and you are one of those curious people who want to break into things to see how they work? Or you don’t like being restricted and controlled by Apple. What ever your reasons are the iPhone OS hackers were able to Jailbreak the iPad in just 24 hours of its availability in Apple Stores. So, here is the little guide to help you jailbreak your iPad running on iPhone OS 3.2.

NOTE: First you should take backup of your SHSH blobs so you can restore to iPhone OS 3.2, later.

We will use Spirit to jailbreak the iPad. Using Spirit is very simple. Follow the steps below to Jailbreak the device.

Step 1: Most important step, backup your device using iTunes.

Step 2: Download the Spirit jailbreak for Mac OSWindows or Linux, depending on the OS you are using. [ Alternate link for Windows Spirit ]

Step 3: Connect your iPad to your computer.

Step 4: Run the Spirit jailbreak application. If you are on Window run it as administrator.

Step 5: Click the “Jailbreak” button.

Jail break iPad using Spirit

Step 6: Upon successful jail-breaking you will see the message on Spirit “Jailbreak complete” and the “Quit” button, also the iPad will restart.

Step 7: When the iPad is booted again, you will see the Cydia app store installed.

Thats it. Enjoy your jail-broken iPad, you can download and install any application you want, the applications you install does not have to be approved from Apple. Do you have an iPad? Have you jail-broken it? Or will you jailbreak it?

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