Rails 2.1 tutorial series is coming

As I mentioned earlier I will start writing some rails tutorials in my Post “Why Django is more attractive then Rails?“. So now I have created this separate rails tutorial section which will serve as a TOC for all my rails tutorial posts. I have decided to start with a simple todo app. One thing to note here is we will be using rails 2.1 (which is the latest version of rails), so I might also write how you can install rails 2.1 on your machine. Sorry for the confusion that I wrote in my earlier article that we will be using rails 2.0. But any how its rails 2.x which is very very different then rails 1.x, so I hope my effort will not be wasted and it will be of some benefit for some newbies converting to rails out there.

One more thing I am not a rails advocate or something, I am just a developer who wants to help newbies. The reason I am writing these rails tutorials is because there is a lot of information for django and other frame works but I think rails lack a simple introduction which can help a newbie understand rails better.

So, I am not sure right now how much articles I will be writing to complete the tutorial but we will go in steps, which means I am not going to write a long article at once.  So stay tuned please I am almost finished with my first post and it will be here soon.

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2 thoughts on “Rails 2.1 tutorial series is coming”

  1. You are my new hero! I have actually been trying to learn rails 1.x with my “new” agile development book and at the same time figure out the changes in 2.x. Your initiative for these tutorials are the best news since space cake.


  2. I am glad that I was of help. I had been occupied by some extra stuff for last 2 weeks and hence I was not able to post part 2. But I will do it soon, so stay tuned.


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