For all of you Django developers tighten your seat belts for DjangoDash

DjangoDash, let see who is the fastest and coolest. A competition of its kind which is based on Django Frame work is about to start. Every team can have 2 participants and they will need to build a Django app in a very tight timeframe of 48 hours.

This competition is going to prove that “Django is the webframe work for perfectionists with deadline”. So a 48 hours deadline and you need to build a coolest app, with good code quality and everything a perfect django app should have. See DjangoDash judging for more information.

Note: If you don’t know Django and want to participate in DjangoDash and you think you a good/innovative coder, please grab your copy of Django now and start learning and coding in Django. There is still time in competition to start.