iPad? Are you kidding me?

Apple’s announcement of iPad has sadden the fans. There are plenty of die hard fans of Apple that are not happy with new Apple device. They think iPad just doesn’t stand upto Apple’s reputation. iPad that uses the same iPhone OS lack many features that are supposed to be in a tablet. But looks like Apple was in a hurry to get their Kindle killer in market they even didn’t bother to add very basic features to the OS. Yes the OS still lacks multitasking, I ain’t kidding you.

Not only that iPad lacks multitasking but other features which would have definitely made iPad a usable device. But one thing is sure, the version that Apple announced on Jan 27th is not a game changer, may be the next version will be. Below are the few things that I personally think iPad should have and without them its not worth it.

  • First and foremost multitasking.
  • Camera
  • USB Support
  • Headphone Jack
  • Print

With out the above features iPad is nothing more then a bigger size defected iPhone which cannot make calls. Do you think iPad is not just bigger iPhone? If yes, then share some features that makes it different from iPhone. Why would someone on the earth will buy an iPhone then an iPad?

People going crazy about Apple announcement

It will not be wrong if I say everyone is going crazy about Apple announcement. The Apple event will start in few hours from now. But I am impressed by the craziness of Apple fans. Be it a top blogger Sobleizer from USA or a tech blogger from Pakistan, they all are excited about the event, they all are talking about it. The reason as always for the excitement is that Apple will be announcing something new. Most of the internet is full of leaked pictures of Apple Tablet. So, even if they weren’t planning to launch that Apple Table they will have to do it now because they just can’t disappoint there fans.

Scobleizer has even said, I will stand in that line again to get Apple Tablet the day it is available. He also shared his story that he and his son were the first ones in line of thousands of people who wanted to get iPhones.

People are so crazy about the Tablet that they have started running the contests. Guess the weight of the Apple Tablet and win iPod Touch. Mashable reports that Stand Alone Inc is working on the first game for Apple’s Table.

I am not an Apple fan, neither I am an Apple hater. I have always admired Apple’s hardware because in my opinion it is second to none. Lets see what Apple will be announcing after few hours, will it be a tablet? or a new iPhone OS? or an Apple-TV? or something really different? I am not that excited what ever it is and like Robert Scobleizer I won’t be buying what ever it is but definitely I am interested to know. What do you think it will be?

P.S: Picture from http://sciblogs.co.nz/