Blogging on iPad using Apple Pages

Apple Pages a perfect application for writing blog posts on iPad. As I previously posted about WordPress application for iPad and Blogpress for iPad, both the application had their limitations. None of them were true WYSIWYG editors.

After getting disappointed by WordPress app and Blogpress, I decided to give Apple Pages a try. The applications is a bit costy but I think it’s worth the price.

See the screenshot below to get the idea on how Apple Pages looks like.

Adding images is piece of cake, you can not only just add images but you can resize them, move them and rotate them.

Apple Pages is a complete word processor app, which you can use for editing and creating your documents too. It comes with. Few standard templates which you can use as base for your document.

You can also export your documents to PDF.

Publishing the content you create on Pages is as easy as copying and pasting, or better say it is actually copyingnthe content and pasting into wordpress compose window.

Have your tried Apple Pages on your iPad?