5 plugins to convert your blog traffic into regular and loyal readers

Don’t you like to have regular readers on your blog? Don’t you want the readers that give feedback? that add value to your blog posts by providing quality comments? Have you ever tried to figure out how to convert your blog visitor to a regular reader? How to convince them to subscribe to your blog? As in the earlier post I talked about how to increase your blog traffic. But it would be injustice to not talk about converting that traffic into regular readers. Below are few wordpress plugins that can help you in getting more conversions (subscribers or readers).

WP-Greet box

This plugin allows you to show a greeting to your visitors depending on the referrer. Now what can be more easy way to let your visitors know how they can stay updated and how easily they can subscribe to your blog. What will be more effective is to provide the actual RSS link in the greeting with an action sentence to direct them to subscribe to the RSS feed. You can also request them to follow you on twitter.

Subscribe to comments

Subscribe to comments will allow your visitors to subscribe to the blog posts comments via their email. This comes in handy when a user posts a comment on your blog and wants to be notified of the replies, or there is a valuable conversation going on the post and your visitor wants to stay updated on the conversion. In any case they will be notified of new comments on the particular blogĀ  post and they might visit your blog again to check the comments.

WordPress Threaded Comments

Threaded comments allow visitors to reply to a particular comment, so to start or take part in conversation. When a visitor will take part in conversation they will eventually come back to your blog again and again to check on the replies or updates. The more they visit your blog the more the chances are they will comment on other posts and hence will eventually become a regular reader of your blog.

Feedburner Feedsmith

This is an old plugin that still works with WordPress 2.8.4. The plugin was developed by Steve Smith and then it was handed over to Feedburner team and can be downloaded from here, until Google drops support for it. This plugin does not provide many fancy options but simply redirects your blog’s feed url to your feedburner’s feed url. By using feedburner you can track number of your subscribers and many other things, but by publishing those numbers on your blog you might get few more visitors interested in subscribing to your blog.


Comment Love encourages your blog visitors to leave a comment on your blog combined with “Subscribe to Comments” those readers will eventually become your regular readers.


As I discussed earlier while discussing 5 ideas to encourage conversation on your blog, that making links in comments dofollow is just another trick to increase comments on your blog. So get the plugin installed and get ready to moderate large number of comments. You have been warned!!!.

Do you know of any other plugins that help encouraging your readers to keep coming back to your blog? Do you have any other ideas that can make it easy for your readers to subscribe to your blog? What strategies are you using on your blog to increase conversions?

5 wordpress plugins that will increase your traffic exponentially

Do you dream like every other blogger out there to get more traffic on your blog? Are you a new blogger that has just setup a blog and now looking to get some traffic? Are you wondering that even you are continuously writing good content but still search engines do not send the traffic like they should, why? Are you sure you are using the right plugins? Here is the list of few wordpress plugins that can get you more traffic.

All In One Seo Pack

This plugin is out of the box SEO tool for your wordpress blog. It allows you to set every aspect of your blog including meta description, meta keywords, title for home page, posts and pages. Not only that but it also allows you to control how the tag and category links are generated. It allows you to have site wide settings and as well as per post settings which makes it even more powerful. This is the must have plugin to help you get your content indexed correctly to rank better in search engines. The better you rank in search engines the more organic traffic you will get.

Google XML Sitemaps

To get traffic from search engines we also need to tell search engines how to find the content on our blog. To tell search engines we need to have an xml sitemap of our blog. All three search engine giants provide a way to manage how they index your site. You can submit your blog sitemap to the search engines so they can discover and index possibly hidden parts of your blog.

Tweetmeme button

As we all know that Twitter is getting more and more popular everyday and everyone is using to find good content, so if you have good content on your site then you should make it easy for your readers to tell their followers about it. Not only will that help your readers have good reputation among their followers for tweeting good stuff but it will get you more traffic. Tweetmeme button very nicely integrates with the blog and tracks how many times your blog post has been re-tweeted. A must have plugin if you are looking to get traffic from Twitter.

Social Bookmarking RELOADED

This plugin add a list of social bookmarking buttons below your posts and/or pages to allow your visitors to easily bookmark your posts and share them with their friends. You can enable/disable bookmarking buttons through the admin interface. The more your readers bookmark your posts the more traffic from those social bookmarking sites will come to your site.


WP-Email allows you to add a link to your posts and pages to allow your readers to recommend your posts to their friends. The more easy you make for your readers to recommend an article to a friend the more your readers will tell their friends and the more traffic will come to your site.

In the next post I will share how can you convert the traffic into loyal readers? What plugins can help you to get the people coming back to your blog? What plugins can help you to get your readers involve in conversation.

Currently I am curious to know that are you already using any of the plugins? How much traffic you get from twitter as compare to other social networking sites? Do not forget to share your experience in the comments.