Why Django is more attractive then Rails?

One of my friends was introduced to rails when the version 2.0 was already out. He tried to learn rails for months on his own but couldn’t succeed. Recently he contacted me and asked if I have books, materials or may be links to some good books/tutorials for learning rails 2.0. And to my surprise there is not enough material available for a newbie to learn rails 2.0 which is totally different then the older 1.x version.

The whole internet and even the rails site points to old materials and this is quite confusing for newbies. My that friend has already been turned to Django for professional development but he still wants to learn Ruby on Rails. The books like “Agile Web Development With Rails” is still to come out for Rails 2.0.

So, now to give something back to the community I have decided to write a through more then a “Hello Wolrd” tutorial for rails 2.0 so newbies don’t waste their precious time just looking for the information which is almost now obsolete. I said obsolete because Rails 2.0 has been changed alot, although the old programmers don’t notice it much because of their prior experience of the language. But for new comers its confusing when scaffolds don’t work for them or they get confused when they see the config/routes.rb which has new majic of map.resource covering everything.

So, hopefully I will be able to solve all these mysteries here. Also if you have written something for Rails 2.0 you can post the link in comments and later I will create a separate post that will points to all the external collections.