5 features not plugins that should be part of WordPress Code

Have you ever setup a wordpress blog? What are the common features a blog should have? If you have ever setup a wordpress blog then you must know that you have to add plugins to add extra functionality or features. I wish that following 5 features should become part of WordPress Code.

  • Anti Spam
  • Stats
  • Subscribe to Comments
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Similar Posts

Lets see what plugins are available for these features. I will be listing top 2 or 3 at most, not all the plugins for every feature. Let me know if I miss one of your favorites.

Anti Spam

Anti Spam plugins are required to prevent comment spam and/or spam via forms on the blog. With thousands of spammers out there with intelligent spam spiders that crawl the web and automatically submits every form they see with their spam data, a blogger doesn’tt have all day to sort out the spam comments, he really needs anti spam plugins to do most of the work and then all the blogger have to do is to look at the comments that are marked as spam for possible valid comments. i.e false positives. At the time of writing this post a simple search for “anti spam” listed 41 plugins, but there is one plugin that has a very good reputation not because it has been developed by WordPress guys but because it really works, yes right that is Akismet. You will need a wordpress.com account to get your own API key for the Akismet plugin to work.


We all love stats, why shouldn’t we? They help us know if we are doing good on our blog or not? Stats graphs let us see if we are moving up or going down? There are many Stats plugins available but to be honest I have never used anyother then “WordPress.com Stats” and like Akismet it has been developed by WordPress Team and you need your own API key to actually use it. You can also view your blog stats on wordpress.com, its really cool and handy feature if you have wordpress.com blogs.

Comments Subscription

Subscription, subscription we all need more and more subscribers so people keep coming back to our blog. Comments Subscripton is a feature that not only keep readers coming back but it also encourages conversation, your readers can easily followup the discussion going on any post of their choice. So this feature not only make your readers interested in your blog but it also increases the traffic of the blog. Subscribe to Comments it the only plugin I use and I find useful for this purpose.


Search Engine needs to know the structure of your site, to better index your site and list them in relevant searches. Not only that but Search Engine crawlers needs an easy way to find your content. Almost all Search Engines support Sitemaps specially the big ones. So not having a sitemap for your blog will be really stupid. My favorite is Google XML Sitemaps, don’t let the name stop your from using it, the sitemaps generated can be used on all Search Engines.

Similar Posts

Displaying Related or Similar posts always helps increase page views which is an important aspect for every blogger. Though it is still not enabled on my blog but I have planned it and will surely be enabling the Similar posts on my blog. For this purpose I have couple of plugins under consideration which includes “Similar Posts” and “Yet Another Related Posts Plugin“. I will post my findings once I decide.

Did I miss your favorite feature? or did I miss your favorite plugin? What are your thoughts on the features I have listed? Should they become part of WordPress Code? If not, why?