5 simple yet powerful ideas to encourage reader comments or conversation

Are you freaked out that people are visiting your blog but none of them leaving any comments? Are you scratching your head on how to ask those people to leave comments or feedback regarding your post? Here are few tricks to encourage your readers to leave comments or feedback. This post has evolved from a self-note as I am new to blogging, trying to learn and experiment with different things, tricks and strategies everyday.

Ask open ended questions

Asking open ended questions is one of the most worked trick for bloggers. Open ended questions are conversation starters, they encourage your readers to comment on your blog posts. As soon as reader encounters an open ended question they feel like being part of the conversation, you must have also experienced this. So what are open ended questions? Open ended questions are questions that does not have answer in one word or two. Open ended questions are designed to encourage a detailed answer which results in an ongoing conversation.

Write a tutorial

It is not neccessary that all users understand the complete tutorial you write, there might be something they want to be more clarified, or they might have a question related to your tutorial. What ever it be they are going to ask in comments which will possibly start a whole conversation there. The conversation or question can also give you idea about your next post.

Write controversial blog post

Controversial blog posts attract more comments, but before writing a controversial post make sure that you are writing sensibly and have enough information on the topic to back your thoughts or writing. Because if done wrong this can very badly effect your reputation and hence will result in lose of loyal readers.

Respond to comments

Try to respond to every comment, better try to respond in a way that will provoke the reader to further reply to you and hence will result in an ongoing conversation. Responding to comments also give the impression to your reader that you actually care about them and you value their comments or feedback.


This one is no brainer, make your blog do-follow and see even non-readers taking part into conversation on your blog. But keep a close eye and stay alert as it might get you lot of spam, so better be prepared to handle that.

How do you encourage your readers to comment or take part in conversations?

Skribit, let your readers tell you what should you write!

Won’t you write what your readers want to read? Before I tell why I use skribit, I should explain what skribit basically is? Imagine that you want to read something on your favorite blog. Now how do you make request to the author of the blog? Or if the blog is managed by multiple authors how do you request them to write a post on some specific topic. This is where skribit comes in to help. As you might already have noticed the nice little skribit widget in my side bar which says, “What should I write about?”. The most easiest way for the blog readers to request a post on some specific topic, is to write your idea in the widget box and thats it.

As soon as you will start writing, the “Suggest” button will appear below the text box. Write your suggestion and hit the Suggest button, the suggestion will appear at the top of text box. And now other readers can vote for the suggestion as well as write their own. The blog author can link the posts to suggestions on skribit, remove suggestions, though the free account does not have the ability to moderate the suggestions so everything will show up. Skribit is also free for your single blog, but if you want to have it on mulitple blogs, you need to have the pro account which is just for $24.95/year.

Now back to the main question, “Why am I using skribit?”. The answer is simple, I like the idea. As you should have noticed that I have very recently setup this blog and I am still making my way into blogging, and I am a professional system admin too. So, I sometimes really don’t have any thing on mind to write about, or I am being busy tweaking servers or developing web applications that I really forget about skribit. So what is more nicer then your readers reminding you that you have to update your blog. Not only they remind you, but they also suggest you new topics. Or may be you can pickup a topic from old suggestions provided that you have a lot of suggestions.

I am planning to soon upgrade to pro account so I can have skribit on my other blogs too. Let me know in comments what do you feel about the skribit idea? And don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS feed to stay updated on futures posts about the topic.

P.S: Do not forget to write the suggestion for my next blog post.