WP Super Cache to Speed up Wordpress

WP Super Cache has been released

WP Super Cache has been released, this is the biggest release because it support WordPress 3.0 which will be coming out very soon. So now the users will not have to wait for WP Super Cache to be WordPress 3.0 compatible, it already works with it.

The other major features being added to this release are:

  • Better support for mobile plugins.
  • Cache preloading to cache every post of the blog.
  • Cache tester to test if home page of the blog has been cached.

The only glitch which only affects huge blogs (specially those with more then 32K posts) is that Cache preloading will cache all posts of your blog which means you will hit the file system limits, so if your blog is hosted on ext2 or ext3 file systems (99% chance it is) then you should be careful about this feature. You can read more about the issue at WordPress.org support forum. Read official release announcement here.

Have you tried WP Super Cache yet? Are you going to upgrade to it or will you wait till WordPress 3.0? Let us know.

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