You know you are addicted to Facebook when…

So you think you are not addicted to Facebook? And you use it like just another tool and for fun. You are wrong. Facebook has become part of our life and our day just does not completes if we don’t see our friends updates on Facebook. Read the following and your thoughts will be changed. So, here goes my list of you know you are addicted to Facebook when:

  1. You update your status on Facebook and your brother sitting in next room comments on it.
  2. Your friends in party take their pics, upload them to Facebook and then call you to ask if you have looked at pics.
  3. You look for “Like” button in the newspaper.
  4. You wake up in morning and the first thing you do is goto Facebook to see updates from friends.
  5. You post your wedding event to Facebook and ask friends to RSVP.
  6. You see something amazing and you take a pic to share it with your friends on facebook.
  7. You just want to comments on every status update of your friends.
  8. Facebook is the first web page you open after launching a browser.
  9. You hit a Refresh on Facebook Page hoping that there will be some more updates.
  10. You check your emails to see if there are any notifications from Facebook.
  11. If you still think you are not addicted to Facebook, then you already are but you don’t realize it because it is now part of you and your life.

I might have missed something that shows addictness to Facebook, feel free to add them in the comments and soon I will post symptoms of addictness to Twitter 🙂

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